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MPSA assurance begins with the selection of qualified responsible people. Every prospective employess is carefully screened by our human resource department. Background checks, references, and competency evaluations are part of the hiring process. Employees are frequently evaluated and must meet continuing education and regulatory requirements. MPSA employees are fully insured, in addition to relievingyou of the burden of payroll taxes, benefits and other employee-responsible programs.

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MPSA maintains all documentation for agency personnel, such as up to date licenses and certificates. We provide annual screenings, criminal background checks, and skill assessments. Striving toward quality organizational growth. 

MPSA requirements: All MPSA employees are required to have: 1 year current experience, current license or certification, 2 working references, CPR, Current negative TB test, OHSA & HIPPA compliance, and pass criminal background check. Drug screens upon request.

When You need Documentaion, We Have It.

Miracle Path Staffing Agency professionals are bonded and insured, and meet all experience and licensure requirements.

Nurse staffing and recruitment means more than just filling a position. Whether you need staffing services for your acute-care facility, permanent staff nurses for your medical practice, experienced home care nurse staffing, interim nurse leaders, or the flexibility of per-diem nurse staffing options, MPSA can connect you to some of the most knowledgeable, qualified, and reliable candidates for the job. 

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